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mom and baby
Develop baby, teach Mother
Joint games and classes are a great opportunity not only to teach a child something new, but also to work on their own development as a parent. In the "Mom and Baby" classes, you will learn how to interact effectively with your baby and at the same time give him the opportunity to learn and explore the world around him. And professional psychologists and teachers, of whom our AIST center is rightfully proud, will help you in this.
Parents will receive a lot of useful knowledge and skills, and children will get into a comfortable educational neural environment for growth and find their first friends-peers.
The leading teacher is Olga Krasyukova. A teacher-defectologist, a specialist in the early development of children.
The development of a child's cognitive abilities in accordance with the child's psychophysiological age
The purpose of the course
Classes are held together with mom, because the interaction of mom and child during this period is priceless. There are no more than 2-4 pairs in each group.
Small groups
Course objectives:
Formation of thought processes and perception
Enriching the sensory experience
Development of imagination and creativity
Development of coordination of movements and fine motor skills
Education of concentration, visual and auditory attention
Expansion of passive and, subsequently, active vocabulary
Musical greeting
Familiarity with the world around you
(body parts, clothes, rooms, seasons, animals, birds, etc.)
(movements to music)
“Magic fingers"
the development of fine motor skills of the hand
Massage with massage balls to relaxing music
Exercises with musical instruments
bells, tambourines, drums, castanets, metallophones
Relay race
walking on massage bumps, bridges and paths, crawling through a tunnel, stepping over obstacles, etc.
The most favorite block is creativity
(modeling from dough and plasticine, applications from everything in the world, drawing with fingers, thick brushes, thin brushes, smear, poke and much more)
The development of basic mental processes (memory, thinking, attention)
Development of sensory perception
Getting to know the world around you
Development of elementary mathematical concepts
Development of fine motor skills
Speech development
Development of creativity and imagination
Development of the emotional, volitional and communicative sphere (early socialization)
Each lesson is aimed at:
We focus on simple phrases in the imperative mood, using the active articulation of the teacher.
The use of monosyllabic words is a priority.
Develop proper phonemic hearing and perception.
We perform breathing and vocal exercises to lengthen the speech exhalation, which further helps in pronouncing complex sounds (whistling, hissing, sonorous).
We prepare a speech base for children from infancy, because a simple phrase is the foundation of a detailed speech, we develop the child's desire to communicate with adults.
It is important for us to develop the communicative, not the nominative, function of speech in a baby.
We teach the correct implementation of the second and subsequent languages in the family
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